Welcome to PCU-CSE (Petra Christian University Center for Social Entrepreneurship)

Entering an era of knowledge-based economy, the world including Indonesia is facing a more and more competitive world of job markets.  As more advancements strive towards the quality of life, the danger of decreasing values and human touch are also coloring this competitive era. Thus the world does not only need individuals with expertise in their fields, strong characters and leadership qualities who will become entrepreneurs in creating jobs and advancing the scientific and business world, the world also needs those entrepreneurs to be aware of the spiritual, humanistic and social aspects of human life to bridge the gap between the powerful and powerless, the rich and the poor and to balance the harmony of life and nature.  Just as the world need entrepreneurs,  Social-entrepreneurs are needed as well to balance the competitive world and living in harmony. 

Having the values of LIGHT  (Love, Integrity, Growth, Humility, Truth ) to be internalized into all campus programs, Petra Christian University  has started thinking about how to prepare young generation to be the LIGHT of the world to eventually glorify God. Through research, projects, building a community of social-entrepreneurs and partnering with any other institutions, the vision is expected to come to realization through this Center for Social Entrepreneurship, set up in October 2011.

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Seminar Open Surgery Social Entepreneurship April 2 , 2011 (launching CSE)
Empowerment  Siwalankerto Community - Service learning activity of IT-ManPro ( Reforestation)
Seminar Open Surgery Social Entepreneurship April 2 , 2011 (launching CSE)