Seminar 'Why Should I Care?'

Tanggal 30/04/2011
Event Start 09:00
Event End 00:00
In our campus life, we often say "Why should I care?" to our surrounding. We can't finished our work, in the end we say "I don't care! What will happen then happened". We got invitation to apply a committee, we said "Why should I care? I got a mountain of work". We invited to join a social event we said "I don't care! Don't add my works!". And when you read this event which the title is "Why should I care?", your response is... ^^
Through this event, we want to learn why should we care about all of them. The speaker isn't a motivator, but he is kind of elder, whom his wisdom recognized by many people. He will share his experiences with us, why should we care...